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Eliza West
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Animated Water Wheel
Animation of Sturbridge Village's reproduction grist mill wheel turning.

Ad for William Young, Bookseller and Stationer
July 29, 1795 newspaper advertisement for writing and printing papers

Order from Victor and Charles du Pont & Co. for six yards of cloth.
The body of this letter reads: "Please to let the barer have six yards of cloth or upwards for two complete suits of the best quality of our cloth you have on hand, either brown, blue, black, or mixed and charge the same to [the] acc[oun]t of your…

W. Young, Son, & Co. Advertisement
Advertisement or order form for woolen goods.

The Brandywine Creek in Downtown Wilmington.
The Brandywine Creek, as it appears today, south of King St. in downtown Wilmington, Delaware.

William Young House
This house was built in 1801 by William Young, on Black Gates Rd. in Rockland. Today it is a private residence.

Rockland Delaware and the Brandywine creek at the site of William Young's dam and mills.

Hagley Powder Mills
Exterior of one of the black powder mills on the Brandywine at the Hagley Museum.

Dry Mill Race
A mill race, or channel of water designed to bring water downstream to the site of a mill to regulate the flow of water and maximize the elevation between the water and the mill. This race had been drained for repairs at the time of the photograph.