Maude Rhodes & The Story of Ardenweave

“Little is known about Maude Rhodes”

Maude Rhodes was a weaver.  She lived in the utopian arts colony of Arden, Delaware in the late 1910s and early 1920s, at which point she was an older woman, unmarried, with graying hair and glasses. She lived in Arden for roughly a decade, and then left in the mid-Twenties, retiring to Jamaica.  “Little is known about Maude Rhodes,” writes local Arden historian Mark Taylor in his book about the community, and indeed, the outlines of her biography are sketchy. During her time at Arden, however, Maude Rhodes was not only a weaver but also an entrepreneur.  The stylish promotional materials left behind from her business endeavors piece together an impression of a woman who was intent on making her community's small-scale, home-grown textile production available to the wider modern world.


Kate Budzyn