Reaching the Outside: Ardenweave in the Press

Maude Rhodes's shop advertised within the Arden community and had regular spots in "Arden Leaves," a community news pamphlet printed in the print shop. Prices advertised within the community were notable lower than those listed for outward-bound materials.

Arden Leaves

Page from the January 1922 issue of Arden Leaves.  

Image courtesy of the Arden Craft Shop Museum.

Advertisements and coverage of Maude Rhodes's fashions are also present in publications with wider distributions, indicating that her shop reached significant enough production levels for its products to be sold in major surrounding cities.  

A page from the January 17th, 1920 issue of Dry Goods Economist contains detailed coverage of Maude’s products and an exciting mention that they were to be shown at an upcoming fashion show at the Astor Ballroom in New York City:

Astor Ballroom, New York City

Ballroom of the Hotel Astor in New York City, c. 1910.  

Image courtesy of Wikimedia commons.

Maude Rhodes outfit

A model from Arden wearing an outfit by Maude Rhodes, including the bonnet mentioned in the Dry Goods Economist article.  

Image courtesy of the Arden Craft Shop Museum.

Mentions of Maude Rhodes and her weave shop also abound in later 1920s issues of Wilmington’s The Evening Journal, where a local style column, “Shopping Around Town with Helen,” was remarkably eager to promote the Arden Weavers and the work of Maude Rhodes, who by then was no longer leading the business:

"Shopping Around Town with Helen"

Excerpt of "Shopping Around Town with Helen" from the March 16, 1927 issue of The News Journal of Wilmington, DE.  

Image courtesy of

The Maude Rhodes Weaving Shop's presence in publications both within and outside the Arden community suggests that some force within the Maude Rhodes Weaving Shop may have been orchestrating an ambitious marketing effort for the business. 

Reaching the Outside: Ardenweave in the Press